Teesside Owner Sprint

As you all will have heard, there will be a change in the management of the Sprint here at Teesside in 2018, the sprint will move to being organised by the circuit itself. We will of course be honouring the discounted entries for the 2017 summer championship winners.

We will be giving the overall winner of the Senior Pro Kart Sprint championship the chance to win a 2019 MS Pro Kart with RPM 200 Extreme engines and Bridgestone YDS tyres.

In order to be eligible for this amazing prize you must compete in 7 out of 8 rounds and receive no more than one black flag during the season.

The Cadet grid will also receive a great prize with 2 Ipad minis up for grabs one for each class.


 Book online via this link




2018 Dates

Races days, gates open from 0700, signing on from 0730 - times below are given as a guide and may be subjected to change dependent on the corporate races.

 Round 1 - 25th February 2018

Round 2 - 25th March 2018

Round 3 - 22nd April 2018

Round 4 - 27th May 2018

Round 5 - 22nd July 2018

Round 6 - 26th August 2018

Round 7 - 30th September 2018

Round 8 - 28th October 2018

Please note: there is NO Sprint in June.


On a normal championship race day, the itinerary will be as follows. All times are approximate and any variation in these times will be advertised at the drivers briefing if possible or over the paddock PA system.

Gates open 0 700

Signing on   0730

Open Practice 0800-0900 [not timed]

Briefing       0930 [in coffee bar]

Qualifying    1000

Heat 1         1130

Heat 2         1300

Heat 3         1500

Final            1630

Presentation 1700 [ in the coffee bar]

2018 Championship Regulations

The goal of these regulations is to provide guidance to both the general safety of any meeting and also the format the meetings will take. As the circuit operator we will adhere to the safety guidelines of the National Karting Association. We reserve the right to change these regulations as we see fit at any time giving notice where possible via social network sites.

Teesside Sprints will be held over 9 rounds in February through to November with 7 rounds to count. Entry fee for each meeting for all classes is £45. All drivers are encouraged to provide their own Tranx 160 or 200 transponder. There may be transponders for hire at the circuit at a cost of £10 per race day. Lost or damaged transponders may be charged to entrant at up to replacement cost.


Although this championship is run outside of the MSA all karts must conform to the guidelines produced in the MSA‘s 2018 Kart Race Yearbook. For full specifications, regulation and restrictions of engines please see the MSA Regulations. The only change to the MSA regulations is that the Honda cadet engine does not have to have the 16mm carburettor restrictor fitted and fixed gearing for 200 cadets is 20/68 all other classes are open.

Lead or ballast must be attached to the kart with a minimum of 2 mechanical fixings. Do not exceed 30kg of ballast without prior agreement from Teesside Karting.

No tyre softener or fuel additives are to be used. All fuel must be purchased from a normal roadside pump vendor.

All drivers must have a fire extinguisher on hand in the paddock especially when refuelling. When testing or racing a driver must wear as a minimum a helmet (BS6658 type B minimum) which fits correctly with a functional strap, an abrasion resistant overall or race suit. gloves and footwear that provide foot protection.

Minimum ages are as MSA classes except where common sense suggests some flexibility. Any driver wishing to race outside of the parameters laid down by the MSA must get approval from either Kat Franklin or Paul Franklin before racing.


There are four classes in 2018, 2 cadet classes and 2 pro-kart classes.


GRID                  CLASS                      WEIGHT                   DRY TYRE                          WET TYRE

Cadet                 Honda GX160            103kg                        Cadet Dunlop SL3 LS2             Cadet Dunlop KT3

                         Honda GX200            105kg                         Cadet Dunlop SL3 LS2            Cadet Dunlop KT3



GRID                    CLASS                      WEIGHT                   DRY TYRE                         WET TYRE

160                       Honda GX160           180kg                        Bridgestone YDS               Bridgestone YDS

200                       Honda GX200           185kg                        Bridgestone YDS               Bridgestone YDS


On a normal championship race day, the itinerary will be as below. All times are approximate and any variations in these times will be advertised at the drivers briefing if possible and also over the paddock's PA System.

Gates open              7:45am

Signing On               7.30am — 9:00am

Open Practice          8am — 9am

Briefing                     9:30am

Qualifying                10am

Heat 1                      11:30am

Heat 2                      1pm

Heat 3                      3pm

Final                         4:30pm

Presentation             5:15pm

Rolling starts will be used for both grids. The starting order for heat 1 will be based on the qualifying times. Heats 2,3 and 4 will start based on the results from the previous heat. The starting grid for the final will be based on the average finishing positions from all 4 heats.

Cadet heats will be 8 laps with a 10 lap final. Pro-kart heats will be 12 laps with a 15 lap final. The number of laps may be reduced in certain circumstances such as bad weather.


For the year's Championship each heat and final will score points based on finishing positions as in the table below. In the event of a tie the higher position will be awarded to the driver with most race wins, then seconds and thirds etc.

1st          65                          2nd        58                           3rd         53                           4th         48

5th         45                           6th         43                           7th         41                           8th         39

9th         37                           10th       36                          11th       35                          12th       34

11th 33    DOWN TO 1

For a driver to receive points that driver must complete at least 50% race distance. Any exclusions from any heat or meeting will receive no points for that heat or meeting but that round must be included in the 7 rounds to count. Any queries regarding race results or Championship points must be raised before the next meeting.


  • A driver must sign on and pay for testing or racing prior to going on to the circuit. It must be understood that all drivers take part at their own risk. No personal injury insurance is provided by the circuit operators for participants.
  • When on the circuit a driver must obey all signals given by flag marshals and officials. You must slow down with no overtaking for waved yellow flags and for the red flag you must reduce your speed to walking pace and return to the pits unless instructed to do otherwise.
  • A driver must drive with care at all times. looking well ahead and within safe limits relating to the skill levels of both-himself and others on the circuit.
  • It must be remembered that if you are testing / practicing and not racing then you should back off for slower karts and overtake only when it is safe to do so. The responsibility for safety remains with the driver at all times. Groups of karts that are obviously racing will be black flagged.
  • In the event of a kart stopping on the circuit due to a mechanical problem the driver must pull into a safe position off the circuit and wait until the session is stopped to allow recovery. Cadet drivers must be told to stay in the kart until assistance arrives. Parents may only go onto the circuit once they have obtained permission from the circuit manager.
  • When leaving the circuit a driver must make a clear and early indication that he intends to come into the pits by raising an arm into the air. Then proceed into the pits at a walking pace. All work including driver changes. refuelling and mechanical work is to be done in the paddock.
  • All karts must conform in all ways with the ABKC kart safety specifications.
  • No one is allowed onto the circuit without the permission of the circuit manager. All spectators must stay outside of the barriers and out of the pits area.
  • Do not move any barrier or interfere with any safety equipment without the permission of the circuit manager.
  • Karts should be pushed on a trolley through the paddock area. If a trolley is not available then a kart may be pushed.
  • Do not use foul language or be abusive to other drivers or their team. If problems arise either on the circuit or in the paddock please contact a member of Teesside Karting’s staff.

Failure to comply with these regulations is a serious issue that may lead to a ban from the circuit for a period of time. If you are unsure of your position, please ask the circuit manager to clarify the regulations.

You can find all the results and championship tables on the Alpha timing website HERE and Live timing is available during every round HERE.

We hope to have the championship tables displayed here in the future.


How do I enter?

Its simple to enter each round by following the link below and creating an account using your Facebook account or your email address. The simply log in and add yourself to each round to let us know your coming.


How much does it cost?

Entry is £45 per round and hire of a transponder for the day is £10.

How do I pay?

You simply pay when you arrive by cash or card.

Can I enter someone else?

Every driver needs there own account with a separate email address to enter.

Race Numbers

Can I use my normal number?

As long as another driver hasn't already chosen 'your number' you can have it as your race number - unfortunately the system will not allow two drivers to race the same number, so if it's already taken you will  have to chose another number.


If you have any questions please contact us via the office on 01642231117 option 1 or via email to enquires@teessidekarting.co.uk