Teesside Owner Driver Sprint 2018

As you all will have heard, there will be a change in the management of the Sprint here at Teesside in 2018, the sprint will move to being organised by the circuit itself. We will of course be honouring the discounted entries for the 2017 summer championship winners.

The best bit first,

We will be giving the overall winner of the Senior Pro Kart Sprint championship a full 2019 MS Pro Kart with RPM 200 Extreme engines and Bridgestone YDS tyres.

Prokart_2016_transparent.png In order to be eligible for this amazing prize you must compete in 7 out of 8 rounds and receive no more than one black flag during the season.

The Cadet grid will also receive a great prize with 2 ipad minis up for grabs one for each class.


Races days, gates open 0730 -signing on from 0745 - time tables for each day will be published in the week prior to the event depending on corporate bookings.

Round 1 - 25th February 2018 

Round 2 - 25th March 2018

Round 3 - 22nd April 2018

Round 4 - 27th May 2018

Round 5 - 22nd June 2018

Round 6 - 26th August 2018

Round 7 - 30th September 2018

Round 8 - 28th October 2018

The Rules and Regulations, 

We are busy writing up the new rules and regulation for the Sprints as soon as they are complete you will be able to download your copy here.


Senior Pro Kart gx200 - weighed with driver and kit - 185kg

Senior Pro Kart gx160 - weighed with driver and kit - 180kg

Cadet Pro Kart gx160 - weighed with driver and kit - 103kg

Cadet Pro Kart gx200 - weighed with driver and kit - 105kg