Teesside Karting championship racing

welcome to the 2016 season.

Here at Teesside Karting, the 2016 season is underway. To help you get the most from your karting experiences this year, there are one or two updates for rules and regulations, as well as information about individual races and championships. Simply click on the information below to download the relevant details associated with the event in which you are interested in taking part.

Le Mans 2016 booking form

 booking form ONLINE.pdf

British 24 hour booking form

b24hr 2016 booking form v2.pdf


pdf (258KB)


pdf (206KB)

GX 160 Regs

pdf (1,169KB)

Technical Specifications

pdf (210KB)

SG Petch Regulations

pdf (524KB)

Risk Assessment

pdf (884KB)

Le Mans Awards 2015

Le Mans Results 2015