Circuit News

New Coffee Bar Opens

Posted on 22 March 2018 at 10:32am

We have been working hard over the winter to complete refurbishments to the site alongside all the regular winter maintenance.

The old bar was looking it's age and it was time for a change so the walls came down, the floor came up for a complete remodel. With our new open plan kitchen you can see the staff at work preparing all your food and drinks, My favourite addition is the barista espresso machine meaning we can make all your favourite coffees, fancy a caramel Latte anyone.

We have also expanded our menu to include a range of homemade cakes and biscuits and everyone's favourite hot filled Paninis, we have also added some more child friendly soft drinks like fresh juice along with smaller carton drinks.

Upcoming specials are take on that Middlesbrough trademark the Parmo, with Parmo burgers, what about adding some spice for a hotshot Parmo burger, or a massive pulled pork burger stack.

We hope to see you soon, we are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week.