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SG Petch Round 5

Posted on 06 July 2018 at 4:33pm

Round 5 - International Circuit layout.

SG Petch Championship

This Sunday see’s Round 5 of the SG Petch Championship for the Lightweight/Heavyweight classes and Round 4 for the Rookie class at Teesside Autodrome with each class being tightly contested.

After 4 rounds, Cameron McLean takes a 66 point lead (current total 708) over current second place Liam Silkstone (642) into the race. Jamie Henderson currently sits third with 625 points but close behind is Chris Cutler on 590 points. Simon Barker and Liam Mouldon will be hoping for good races to push up the leade rboard.

In the Lightweight class, Owen Burton currently sits at the top with 573 points but second place Ben Thornton is hot on his heels with 567 points. Third and fourth place are tightly placed with Adam Delmont in third on 530 points and Karl Parkin on 523. Karl will be keen to push Adam and try to take the opportunity to jump ahead and close in on the leaders. Andy O’Donnell and Ashley Savidge will both be targeting good races to close in on the leading pack before going into Round 6.

In the Rookie Class, current second place Liam Williams, will be missing this round and Aaron Hubery will undoubtedly be looking to take advantage to extend the current 25-point lead and third place Anthony Leather will be looking to leap from into second place. Matthew Cossins, Mike Aylott and Adam Harland will all be looking to close in on the top three places.

With all 3 classes being tightly contested, this weekend looks set for some exciting racing with every point needed as the Championship starts to enter the latter rounds of the 2018 Championship.

It’s FREE for spectators, so why not come along and watch!