Here at Teesside Karting we believe everyone should be able to be involved in Motorsports.

Here at Teesside Karting we believe everyone should be able to be involved in Motorsports.

In 2018 our mission was to make Motorsports more accessible for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We are working to understand and make changes to our environment, by understanding that public spaces and noisy environments can be difficult places for children and adults with ASD.

We will do this by making adjustments to our environment and providing additional training for our staff.

In many cases, Motorsports can provide a great environment for people with ASD, providing a structured, ridged environment with rules that are black and white and unchanging. Along with the sensory aspects of motor racing, the vibrations and feel of the noise are often very attractive to adults and children with ASD.


In 2018 we will be holding a quiet day, where children and adults with ASD will be able to book karting sessions.

One week before we hold a quiet day, we will hold a meet and greet session. During the session, you can meet our staff, sit in a kart, try on helmets and suits. There will also be plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered.

So how do you make a quiet day at a race track?

  • The sessions will be pre-booked only.
  • We will structure the day to limit the number of visitors on site during each session.
  • We will only have one person and one instructor on track during each session.
  • We will provide a time out sensory room for anyone who becomes overwhelmed.

Making your visit as successful as we can, working together,

  • Download our social story from this page or pick up a printed version from our office.
  • Watch our video tour of the site, available here
  • Receive your own balaclava to take home.
  • Work closely with us to understand your bespoke needs. This will ensure we maximise your experience.

The Price

  • During all school holidays, our kids karting price is £8 for 8 minutes or buy three 8-minute sessions for £20 [all to be used on the same day].
  • If your using the two seat karts, the driver goes free, so still only £8 for 8 minutes.
  • Single engine adult karts when required costs £8 for 8 minutes.
  • Twin engine adults karts  will cost £12 for 8 minutes.